Sunday, January 11, 2015


Bite me, you cowardly killer creeps.

Yes, I am likewise a cartoonist, and on the Comics Journal message board website I made fun of the Muslin sheets crowd with my cartoon character Mo Hammy (aka Mookhammered the Phake Prophet).

This was a few years back (2006), when they started hassling people during that whole Danish/Swedish newspaper thing. They whined that "depicting their prophet" was not allowed by their religious rules, but investigations quickly found that "no media coverage" claim to be false, anyway.

There is nothing in their favorite ancient clerical texts that even addresses the issue. Which is no doubt mainly due to the fact that online memes, animated cartoons and the science of photography itself hadn't even been invented then.

So you Muslin sheets (Sheetites?) still got problems about it 7 years later? Tough toenails. Refer back to the above art.

- Editor