Tuesday, November 25, 2014


That mellow Dr. Jello fellow.

By Ed Gauthier

So let's declare Bill Cosby guilty by media trial, since every inappropriate grope was an "assault," and every little black dress date not ending with an engagement ring was a "rape"? An interesting take indeed on innocent until proven guilty.

This would de facto make it a land where all complainants are sainted victims, and all celeb targets are evil boogeymen. However, do bear in mind that:

Accusations are not facts.
Allegations are not evidence.
Unsubstantiated claims are not proof.

Not for a moment defending anything illegal Cosby might be judged in a court of law to have done (and they've gotten nothing on him so far), but the basic concept of "prove it or push off" certainly seems to be completely thrown out the window at this point.

Ever hear of "sex between consenting adults"? (Or was said consent somehow withdrawn post date?) Meanwhile, the same unproven claims made in 1985 become fact by 2015?

After one accuser begins it, the usual dozen copycats come out of the woodwork in such public celeb free-for-all media circuses. For example, the carnival of kookiness surrounding Bill Clinton and Tiger Woods.

And wow, they claim Cosby also may have once rented hookers, and given out a roofie drink here and there. What a shock - as if he's the only Hollywood star ever to do so.

Also note that besides the usual party girls who have accused him, several had also already posed nude in magazines, and done soft core porn in the 1970s long before "official" porn videotapes began in the early 1980s. Which therefore places their pre video work at the very cutting edge of available sexual content. So we're certainly not talking about nuns, here.

And anyway, since when has "serial womanizing" reached the same level as serial killing? Oh, ya - since never.

Well, Cosby is already pushing 80, anyway. The legal wolves hunting him already knew their statutes of limitation had long since run out even before they tried this latest spate of litigation talk.

Meaning they'd gain no money, but would gain the destruction of what little was left of his career.

So it looks like they won't be satisfied until they hound this guy into the grave.

* * *

Meanwhile, in the interests of full disclosure: I myself have also been claiming something for decades, so let me repeat my claim which the legal powers that be have kept me from for all this time, in the hope it will all now come true for me, and I will finally get my due.

One unusually chilly night on a lonely road in California during the 1970s, I gave a ride to a celebrity that I trusted, who promised me millions of dollars in his will.

A man known to everyone as the mysterious Howard Hughes...